Conference Program

Protocols and Enrichment for Laboratory Animal Housing and Research including on site visit to CanCog Facility (August 19) and seminar at 120 Carlton St, Toronto (August 20)

August 19 Visit and demonstrations / CanCog facility for dogs, cats and rodents.
Guy A. Higgins Rodent models of behavior and neurological function
Joseph Araujo Neuropathology of Aging: Cognitive assessments in dogs and cats
August 20 Seminar / Toronto - 120 Carlton St.
Shawn Petrik Guidelines for Laboratory animal care and research
Aleksandar Masic Regulatory – Bringing Products to market - What is GCP, GLP, GMP
Isabelle Mougeot Food and Nutraceuticals
Bill Milgram Experimental design for laboratory animal research
Gary Landsberg Models of Canine and Feline fear and anxiety
Valarie Tynes Understanding the Behavior Needs of Pet Rodents
August 20 Welcome Reception Wine at Queen's Landing
August 21 Session 1: Cognition and Aging in Companion Animals
8:30 Bill Milgram, CanCog Technologies Welcome Address
9:00 Tim Tully, Anne Danks, Dart Pharmaceuticals
Stephanie Kelly, VivoCore
Spatial Navigation and Memory in an Outdoor Arena in Beagle Dogs
9:30 Alessandro Cozzi, IRSEA Research Institute in Semiochemicals and Applied Ethology Strategies to control stress and optimize cognitive performances
10:00 Aladar Madari, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Slovak Republic Assessment of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in the Dog
10:30 Break
11:00 Isabelle Mougeot, CanCog Technologies Assessment and treatment of feline Cognitive function
11:30 Tomas Camps, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Relationship between a simple cognitive test and the discrimination and reversal tasks in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris)
12:00 Lunch
August 21 Session 2: Non-Cognitive Behavioral Assessment and Modification in Companion Animals
1:00 Christina de Rivera, CanCog Technologies Feline Models of Fear and Anxiety for the development of veterinary therapeutics
1:30 Carly Moody, University of Guelph Stress in cats during handling and restraint: assessment and recent findings
2:00 David Williams, DVM Antioxidants slowing cataract formation in ageing and in diabetic
2:30 Break
3:00 Gary Landsberg, CanCog Technologies Model development and Therapeutics for treatment of fear and anxiety in dogs: state of the art
3:30 Joseph Araujo, InterVivo Solutions Evaluation of Osteoarthritis drugs is going to the dogs
4:00 Short Abstracts
Kat Pankratz, NCSU Use of single dose oral gabapentin to attenuate fear responses in cage-trap confined community cats: a double blind
Durga Chapagain, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Cognitive aging in pet dogs of different breeds: effects of an enriched diet and lifelong training
August 21 5 Course Gourmet dinner at Jackson Trigg's, one of the region’s fine wineries, including a winery tour.
August 22 Session 3: Disorders and Therapeutics for Brain Aging in Companion Animals
9:00 CW Cotman and Shikha Snigdha, University of California Irvine Impact of lifestyle on cognitive function in the aged Beagle dog
9:30 Tomas Smolek, Slovak Academy of Sciences Neuropathological Signature of canine dementia – so close, so far from human Alzheimers disease
10:00 Gary Pan, Nestle Purina Controlling Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome with Medium Chain Triglycerides as a Food Supplement
10:30 Break
11:00 Brian Zanghi, Nestle Purina Epilepsy in Pet Dogs: Therapeutic Benefits of MCT dietary supplementation
11:30 Patrick Pageat, IRSEA Research Institute in Semiochemicals and Applied Ethology Treating aging-related cognitive impairment in dogs: a new hope with olfactory stem cells engraftment
12:00 Lunch
August 22 Session 4: Aging and Therapeutics in Companion Animals
1:00 Michael Lindinger PhD, The Nutraceutical Alliance Nutraceuticals: successfully navigating the regulatory pathway from product conception to marketplace
1:30 Valarie Tynes, CEVA Animal Health
Patrick Pageat, IRSEA Research Institute
Pheromone therapy: Research, Development and Clinical applications for Semiochemicals in Veterinary Behavior
2:00 Nicolas Barthélémy, University of Liege, Belgium Efficacy of a new cocktail for the dietary management of Canine osteoarthritis
2:30 Lunch
3:30 Sasha Masic, CanCog Technologies Emerging Therapeutics for small animal oncology patients
4:00 Round Table Discussion / Research and Therapeutics into Aging in Companion Animals: Future Directions.